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About Us

Since it's opening in the Summer of 1989, Teddy Bears Loving Care has been owned and operated by Gizela Sipos. In 1989 Teddy Bears Loving Care was started when four Willows neighborhood moms needed some extra care, Gizela decided she would take on the challenge since she wanted to spend more time at home with her son. Little did she know she would spend the rest of her career helping local families with their childcare needs. 


About the Owner

Gizela has been the owner of Teddy Bears Loving Care since 1989. She is a dedicated individual that strives to do the best in her profession. Meeting the physical, emotional and educational needs of children is something she has always strived to do. Every year she does workshops and conferences to further her child care training. She is a current member of the F.D.C.P.A.(Family Day Care Providers Association), N.A.F.D.C.(National Association of Family Day Care) and C.C.C.C.,(Child Care Coordinating Council). This enables her to attend the classes and workshops which help her better the care she provides your children. 


"Having a child at Teddy Bears Care is like having a "bonus" parent in Gizela. She coached us through being first-time parents with our son (who attended from age 1-3) and dove in all over again alongside us, caring for our daughter (from age 4 months to 3.5). Her guidance, whether it was about how to potty train or when to trust your child to climb the ladder on his own, was invaluable. She was particularly attentive to our daughter who dealt with various asthma-related illnesses when she was little. Gizela and her helpers, all wonderful, treated my daughter like one of their own--watching out for signs and symptoms, administering the dreaded nebulizer medication, and providing a safe and nurturing environment the whole time. It's fairly common for kids at Gizela's not to want to leave at the end of the day, and we're sure that's because they feel loved and comforted by the consistency of the Teddy Bears experience."  

Learning & Diversity 

Spanish as a Second Language 


Teddy Bears Loving Care is a multi linguistic facility. Not only is our staff made up of native Spanish speakers from different parts of the world, but we also teach sign language to the children. We teach the children their ABC's, shapes, and colors in Spanish, English, and Sign.



At Teddy Bears, we believe that culture is one of the most important lessons you can teach a child. We love to welcome each families unique culture, it creates an educational opportunity as well as makes the child of that family feel included. 

-Lexy & Alan Eaton 2015


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