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Our Program 

Teddy Bears is a play based program. We believe that at this developmental stage, a loving relationships with caregivers is based on respect for the child and his or her family.  At Teddy Bears, your child will have the opportunity to explore and grow, create and discover, build relationships with his or her peers, and become confident learners.



Through a play based curriculum, Teddy Bears Loving Care offers children a safe and nurturing environment that develops their confidence, independence, and creativity. Our small group based child care allows us to interact and develop each child's intellectual and motor skills during preschool, music, and storytime.

Outdoor Exploration

At Teddy Bears we spend most of our time creating exploration opportunities that strengthen the children's gross motor skills, confidence, and imagination. Some of our activities include playing in the sandbox, dress up, climbing, signing, dancing and yoga just to mention a few. 

Music, Reading, and Language 

WE LOVE MUSIC and READING at Teddy Bears. If we aren't listening to music and dancing it's because we are eating, reading, or learning. Once a week we have a music teacher come in and teach the kids new songs and play with instruments. While most of the singing is in English we love to take advantage and teach some songs in Spanish or with sign. 

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